About Us

For many years, Ertoba has been supplying manufacturing services to companies within the entire Caucasus region. Customer service has always been our focus and our aim is to provide all our customers with world class levels of service and products.
We are constantly increasing our production capacity to meet demand. Ertoba currently employs 72 staff and has a production area of over 22500 sq. m. Our practices comply with all legal requirements providing a guarantee to our customers of our reliability and integrity. 
Among our customers are various governmental organisations, Kus Tba Ltd. and large multinational corporations, such as Wrigley’s, Nestle, Mars, P&G, Pepsico.
Ertoba’s product range is huge and includes items for industrial use as well as consumer ones. Everyday you probably see our products being used in shops, supermarkets, on the street - not only in Georgia, but in other neighbouring countries too (Armenia, Azerbaijan).
We work with a wide variety of metals, woods or glasses. Our customers can select from our existing range of products, or they can have something unique - designed exactly to their specification.
One of Ertoba’s strengths lies in its own internal research and development team. It is staffed by top industry professionals, who not only have a vast theoretical knowledge but also extensive practical experience. Their role is to constantly improve our manufacturing processes, with the aim to provide our customers with higher quality of products at a lower cost.
Ertoba works in partnership with one of the leading international industry consultancies. Their management advice has helped us to define our vision, establish our strategy and find the best way to grow our business. Our approach must be good enough, competitive enough and dynamic enough to the demands of the modern marketplace. We believe it is and applying it will result in greater benefits not only to us, but to all our present and future customers. 
Please explore this website and let us show you the unity or "Ertoba" of our vision!